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Create a homemade hooded cape from a pillowcase.

Imaginative play, such as dress-up, is an activity that spurs the imagination and creativity in children at home or within a school setting.
Designated areas for different types of learning activities keep the space organized.

Whether you're naturally a tidy, Suzy Homemaker-type or your house looks like it was recently ransacked
Organized play spaces make cleanup a snap.

Take several small toddlers, add attention spans of about 10 seconds tops plus bodies in constant motion
Following a schedule can help your tot look forward to the new day.

When your tot dillydallies through the morning, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve gone through a treacherous quest before even stepping foot into the garage.
Dress up a regular tea party with beautiful Southern Belle costumes.

Your little munchkin will be as pretty as a Georgia peach in this Southern Belle costume. It will provide her with hours of trick-or-treat fun
To start your own preschool, you'll first need to check your state's licensing requirements.

Maybe you’ve been babysitting a houseful of preschoolers. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom who watches your own kids all day
Make some pyramids for the playroom from cardboard boxes for imaginative play.

Whether you're preparing for a themed day at preschool or just adding to your toddler's selection of costumes for imaginative play
Kids driving you crazy? You're not alone.

Is your toddler driving you insane? Would it help to know you're not the only parent feeling that way?

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