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Dr. Sophia Rikkin (Marion Cotillard) functions for Abstergo Sectors, the evil corporation at the heart of the Assassin's Creed collection' present day tale.
Everyone wants to own a home irrespective of their status. Even a two-room home will do for those who are not financially well off. In fact, anything which can be called a home is acceptable. In the past few years a whole lot of houses are available at affordable prices. Added to this is the recessi
If you bring your canine pals towards the dog park you'd like them to be just like classy when you are. Whether you own a significant dog or even a tiny 1 you can find all sorts of accessories to choose from to be able to outfit your own pooch for the day trip and about. It may seem only little canines can be accessorized, make being amazed at all the fantastic accessories you can find for
When Apple’s Tim Cook said that the market for augmented reality would be larger than virtual reality in an ABC News interview, he was not making a visionary statement about the future. Instead, he was simply stating the common wisdom in Silicon Valley. A survey of 650 startup founders, tech company CEOs and investors found that two thirds believe revenue from augmented reality (AR) products an

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